Along with Perseverance Works, we are aiming to recycle 70%-80% of our waste.  Separating organic waste from the general waste helps to reduce contamination so increasing the quantity recycled.    More information can be found on the collection company’s website here

We use a Mixed Recycling facility but have separate small bins for glass and organic waste.  Plastic, including bags are not allowed in these smaller bins.  These must be emptied and placed in the orange wheelie bin.  Please ensure your cleaners are informed.  Starch based food bin liners are available at Security.

In conjunction with Perseverance Works, there is a skip that arrives on the last Friday of each month and leaves the following Monday.  Larger items can be dumped there.  On no circumstances should items be left in the wheelie bin storage area.

All other waste must be placed, as usual, in the orange wheelie bin where they are sorted and recycled by the collection company.  Collection is early every weekday morning.